The "movers, shakers and event planners," the Programs committee is in charge of planning, coordinating and executing all of Ad 2 Honolulu's events. Working hand-in-hand with the other six committees, they put on educational seminars, workshops, networking events and other quality programming that will be interesting and benefitial for members. The Programs committee also connects with other related clubs and organizations to partner with for joint events. This committee is also in charge of the club's annual fundraisers.

roles and Responsibilities

  • Create, plan, coordinate and put on Ad 2 Honolulu's events.

  • Work together with the other committees to brainstorm programming that would help meet their committee goals that members would find interesting and want to attend.

  • Assist the Communications committee with event promotions.

  • Manage ROI for events and report event statistics.

Programs chairs

Kyli Kim

Debbie Lee

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