A legacy spanning over 45 years and counting.

Ad 2 Honolulu was established in 1969 by very insightful people who knew there was a need for an organization built specifically for those just getting into the advertising industry. Young professionals were searching for ways to connect with their peers to "talk shop," opportunities to network with industry leaders, and expand their skills to add to their repertoire while building their careers. Ad 2 Honolulu was just the place to offer that and more.

Originally named Junior Ad Club, the organization has assumed a handful of names until settling on Ad 2 Honolulu in 1973. “Ad 2” was derived from the meaning “second ad club”, meaning we’re the young guns who decided to separate ourselves from the more established folks of AAF. Pretty clever, huh?

As the Honolulu chapter of the national Ad 2 organization, Ad 2 Honolulu is a part of a much longer and wider history. Visit their website to read more.