Ad 2 Honolulu is committed to promoting diversity in all forms – through our educational opportunities, programs and activities. We recognize that diversity isn’t just a reflection of the color of your skin…it’s integral to the cultural exchange of ideas, enriching our work and lives. The Diversity committee is dedicated to elevate the practice and presence of multiculturalism in the organization through professional development, promotion and inclusion.

roles and Responsibilities

  • Recruit members and leaders who represent the make-up of our diverse community.

  • Encourage members to represent and participate in multiculturalism through leadership, club operations, and diversification at agencies and companies.

  • Work with the Programs committee to create programs and events that better educate our members and students in multiculturalism, from program speakers to educational workshops and campaign reviews.

  • Provide educational and motivational opportunities to multicultural students to promote interest in advertising careers.

Diversity chair

Kalino Grace

Contact the committee today to find out their next meeting and how to get involved.