Ad 2 Honolulu is Proud to Announce Our 2018-2019 Public Service Client

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Common Grace is a small non-profit organization in Hawaii that facilitates partnerships between public elementary schools and neighborhood churches to provide mentors with highly vulnerable children. Their mission is to bring kindness to lonely children in Hawaii’s public elementary schools by connecting them with caring adults, teenagers, and kupuna.

Currently, their partnerships serve 27 elementary schools and approximately 150 students. Their goal is to provide 3,000 additional children with compassionate mentors by 2025 and 25 high school/elementary school partnerships by 2020.

Many of their students face challenges such as broken homes, non-English speaking families, incarcerated parents, and even homelessness. Many are simply neglected by peers and their families. The children selected by the schools don’t always have behavioral or academic problems; sometimes they just need the personal attention that an adult mentor can provide.