Fearless leaders to guide and inspire

Board Members are our leaders of their respective committees. The Committees Board is elected once a year and any active Ad 2 Honolulu member is eligible to be nominated for each position. The Executive Committee oversees club management and operation. Board Members who have served for at least 1 year may be eligible to be nominated for an Executive Committee position.

Executive Committee


Alysha Komenaka
Marketing Manager
Honolulu Federal Credit Union

Vice President

Laura Ward
Assistant Product Development Manager
Hawaiian Host, Inc.


Roann Gatdula
Graphic Designer
MC&A Inc.

Board Members

Public Service

Michael Ching
Account Manager
Summit Media Hawaii

Public Service

Christa Hester
Senior Corporate Writer

Public Service

Khrystyn Funasaki
Senior Marketing Specialist
Servco Pacific Inc.

Government Relations

Clayton Ham
Marketing Manager
AT Marketing

Communications Co-chair

Lori Fukumura
Graphic Designer
ER Marketing

Communications Co-chair

Rayen Watanabe
Multi Media Specialist
Make-A-Wish Hawaii

Programs & Fundraising

Chelsie Arashiro
Event Manager
Millwood Ohana Productions

Programs & Fundraising

Jaclyn Chew
Marketing Assistant
Hawaiian Host Inc.


Jasmine Cho
Project Manager
Communication Consulting Services Inc.


Mike Amado
Executive Assistant


Koa Webster
Marketing Assistant
Blue Hawaii Surf