Ad 2 Honolulu is honored to provide a customized public awareness marketing campaign for a local non-profit annually. Each year our Public Service committee selects an organization based on the cause they feel passionate about. Then for the following year the committee builds the campaign, from conducting market research and planning creative strategy, to the production and execution phases. Each element of the campaign is created by Ad 2 Honolulu's young advertising professional members with support from key industry partners.

We are able to provide this yearly campaign at no-cost to the select non-profit thanks to the generous donations from the Honolulu community. Members volunteer their time and efforts while gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Ad 2 Honolulu also presents each campaign nationally and competes against other Ad 2 organizations across the nation. We are humbled to be recognized for the hard work our members dedicate each year to our community.

If you’re a non-profit organization interested in applying for our campaign, please visit our application page today! Our 2019-2020 application period is now closed.